Dental Implant

The type of fixed prosthesis developed after the difficulty of using removable prostheses is determined is called dental implant. It can be safely applied to people of all age groups. Since it is placed on the jawbone, it is not possible to move. Therefore, it is extremely easy to use.

What is a Dental Implant?

After the screw placed in the jawbone fuses to the bone, the dental treatment performed by sticking a prosthesis on it is called a dental implant. It is a treatment method used to remove missing teeth and provide smile design. Thanks to this method, you can have natural teeth that you can use for a lifetime without any problems.

Who Is A Dental Implant Suitable For?

It is a suitable treatment method for anyone who has congenitally missing teeth, who has lost their teeth due to reasons such as fracture and trauma, and who has completed their jawbone development. It is a surgical treatment method that should be applied by a maxillofacial surgeon.

How is a Dental Implant Applied?

It is applied gradually. First, the mouth structure is prepared for treatment. The gums of people with gum disease are treated. Imaging of the jawbone is performed. It is evaluated whether the bone is suitable for the procedure or not. A screw is inserted into the bone. It takes 2 months for the screw to fuse to the bone. After the screw has taken hold, the teeth are measured. A period of 1 week is needed for the preparation of the prosthesis on the implant. At the end of this period, the prosthesis is attached and the treatment is completed. Dental implant stages are a treatment method that should be completed without any problems.

When Can It Be Applied?

If the jawbone is suitable for the procedure after the loss of teeth, it can be applied immediately. However, if the dentist detects different problems in the mouth during the controls, these problems are eliminated first. Especially in the detection of caries and infection, the necessary treatment should be arranged.

Who Can Have Implant Supported Teeth?

People who are over the age of 18 and have completed bone development can have this treatment method. It is not recommended to be applied to people with intense osteoporosis. A screw is inserted into the bone as the root of the tooth. In case of bone resorption, the screw displaces over time and there is a situation such as tooth eruption. The first criterion for dental implants is that the bone structure is intact.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implant ?

They are permanent prostheses. Therefore, it provides a great advantage in biting and chewing situations. It provides permanent smile design. It increases the self-confidence of the person and ensures a smooth social life. It permanently removes missing teeth and reveals a perfect tooth alignment.

Are There Any Age Limits for Implant Supported Teeth? Can it be applied to every patient?

The completion of bone development and the establishment of hormone balance continue until the age of 18. For this reason, people must be 18 years old for dental implant treatment. However, osteoporosis can be seen intensely in people aged 65 and over. For this reason, the age limit for treatment is between 18-65 years old. However, if necessary, treatment can be applied without considering this age criterion.

What are the Advantages over Implant Dental Bridge Treatment?

Bridge treatment is also among the fixed prosthesis types. During bridge construction, the teeth must be reduced to a certain extent. For this reason, the life of the reduced teeth is usually limited to 10 years. The best advantage of implant treatment over bridge treatment is that it does not interfere with other teeth. It is recommended very often, especially in young patients, as it allows the protection of one’s own teeth.

How Long Does It Take to Have Teeth Over Implants?

The duration of treatment may vary from patient to patient. The preparation stage and the bone structure of the person are effective in determining this period. The preparation phase of people who have a lot of problems in the mouth structure may take a long time. Generally speaking, the duration of treatment is 2 months. However, this period may be longer depending on the patient.

How Does the Implant Supported Tooth Process Proceed?

The treatment process is gradual. It consists of 3 stages in total. The first stage is preparation, the second stage is the placement of the screw and the last stage is the attachment of the prosthesis. Between these stages, regular doctor control is treated. People who want to have a problem-free and successful dental implant treatment should follow all the recommendations of their doctor during the treatment.

What Should Be Considered After Having a Dental Implant?

The stitches should be cleaned after every meal for the first week after the screw is placed. Patients using blood thinners should not use these drugs without the approval of the doctor. Harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should never be used as they delay tissue healing. If you are careful after the dental implant, you can use your new tooth for a lifetime without any problems..

How Is Oral Care Performed After Implant?

After each meal, the teeth should be cleaned for at least 2 minutes with a toothbrush with soft bristles. Bacteria on the tongue and cheeks should be destroyed by using mouthwash. Necessary checks should be made by going to the dentist every 6 months. When tooth sensitivity is detected, a dentist should be consulted without wasting time.

How Is Nutrition After Implant?

There is no extra criterion in the diet after the treatment. The teeth made in the dental implant application are like the natural teeth of the person. Therefore, the diet should be adjusted correctly. Very hot and cold foods should not be consumed. Drinks with high acid content should be avoided. Alcohol and cigarettes should not be used. Drinks that discolor teeth, such as tea and coffee, should not be consumed too often.

Is a Dental Implant Necessary for Every Lost Tooth?

In implant treatment, only the destroyed tooth area is intervened. As long as the bone structure of the person allows, the missing tooth can be replaced by applying dental implant treatment, regardless of the type of tooth. It is definitely recommended as it provides great advantages in terms of both function and aesthetics.

Is it possible for the body to not accept the implant?

In some cases, it is determined that the screw applied into the bone does not fuse to the bone. Such situations are very rare. However, this can happen regardless of the age of the patient. In such cases, the attachment of the screw to the bone can be achieved by using a bone graft. Since screw union will not be possible in people with intense osteoporosis, a different treatment method is recommended.

How Long Is a Dental Implant Used?

The dental implant, which is applied by the surgeon using quality materials, can be used for a lifetime. However, with aging and deterioration of bone structure, people with palate loss can switch to different prostheses. However, this is a rare occurrence. For this reason, you should be very careful in choosing a physician for implant treatment.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

The benefits of the treatment are great both in terms of aesthetics and dental function. Missing teeth cause speech problems. It prevents the sounds from coming out correctly. Thanks to the implant treatment, a smooth and fluent speech form is provided. Since it is a solid and durable prosthesis, its bite performance is very high. Dentists especially recommend that the biting process be done with an implant tooth. Provides permanent aesthetic smile design. It helps increase self-confidence.

Dental Implant Prices 2022

The number of implants applied, the brand of the product used, the physician’s treatment fees, the duration of the procedure, the content of the preparation stage are the criteria that change the treatment prices in the clinic where the treatment is applied and the exchange rate difference. You can decide on the choice of institution by doing detailed research about dental implant prices.